Saturday, July 22, 2006

Bedroom Discotecque Part I

I am incapable of listening to music without singing and/or dancing to it. And I do love dancing, but only to songs that I love, not like, but love. I live in Philly now and it's been a challenge to find a public dancing venue that makes me happy. So I've had to rely on my own personal bedroom disco. My bedroom disco is held fairly often, either pre-night out on the town or instead of a night on the town. And while it is nothing compared to the frenetic, companiable feeling that abounds on the dancefloor when the dj is playing a stellar tune and everyone is writhing in ecstasy, it's certainly better than nothing. so this is part one is a series i am calling bedroom discotecque. the following tunes do play off of each other, so you may want to listen (and shimmy and shake) in the order that i've listed them.

Goldfrapp-Number One

Venus Hum-Surgery in the Sky

The Divorce-Yes!

Flosstradamus-Laffy Taffy


Blogger FiL said...

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11:58 PM  
Blogger FiL said...

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12:01 AM  
Blogger FiL said...

Argh! Third time lucky - messed up my comment TWICE, so retrying...

Yes! Well done! On all counts:

a) I like the template
b) You've got the hang of the links
c) And the tracks are dancealicious!

Am currently grooving while I type...

Once you feel up to it, you may want to consider adding your blog to the list of those on The Hype Machine and/or They're aggregators that allow visitors to see which blogs have posted what tracks, then click through to those blogs that they find interesting. A good way to expand your readership.


12:06 AM  
Blogger FiL said...

Yoo-hoo, Ga-la-te-aa, where are yooou?? :)


3:48 AM  
Blogger FiL said...


*Crickets chirp*


*Owl hoots*


*FiL trudges off to get the bloodhounds*

4:44 AM  
Blogger galateaa said...

the bloodhounds worked. here i am. i was house sitting. but i'm back now, ready to rock.

9:56 PM  
Blogger sexy said...







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