Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I've got a new crush. Irvine Welsh. Did you realize he's tall? Just saw him read from his new book The Bedroom Secrets of Master Chefs. Book seems good. He seems even better. It's a shame about his celebrity, his wedding ring and also the fact that all I could say as he signed my copy of Trainspotting was: How do you like Philly? I plan everything else to the nth degree. why not this? could have done a little research (stalking) about what he likes to eat, etc, mention a restaurant in the city . . . oh well.

Having a very difficult time comprehending that 1996 was 10 years ago. It's starting to become clear that that was a bit of a turning point for me. That year was jam packed with new love, literature, music, film. And honestly, I've been a bit disappointed by every year since. That sounds awful. I'm not a pessimistic person, really, it's just that no year has been as jam packed with life changing things.

So, in honor of my new friend Irvine and jam packed and life changing years, the music. We all know how much influence that book and film has had on the world. But to me, personally, along with that fab silver dress diane wore at the club where she hooked Renton, it was all about the music that accompanied the pursuit of the high.

First, songs from the soundtrack for Acid House. Then, from Trainspotting.

New Order-Tempation
The Pastels-Nothing to Be Done
Beth Orton-Precious Maybe
Arab Strap-I Miss You


Blogger FiL said...

Hi Galateaa! Sooo glad you're back - was beginning to think this blogging thang had scared you off. And those bloodhounds do bay something awful...

Indeed, I'd wager we all have that special year, the one that's ne plus ultra. And all others are compared to it, and by definition are found wanting. I suppose the trick then is to move beyond the comparing, lest one ends up eternally dissatisfied...

And 'Trainspotting,' how glorious. Another fine slab of Scottish culture (Colin pays me a £5 Bank of Scotland note each time I say that). I never understood those who claimed it glorified skag - it did quite the opposite, methinks.

Grand choice of music - 'Temptation' does it for me. Gives me that vast, sweetest ache of yearning like its my equivalent of 1996 all over again...


3:48 AM  
Blogger galateaa said...

an ache of yearning, that's it exactly.

thanks, as always, for your words of encouragement.

9:18 PM  
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